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Our courses are interesting and practical. You will be watching videos rather than reading through endless text.

Keynote courses were built by a REALTOR® Association for REALTOR® Associations. Our courses are approved for continuing education credit in states where a REALTOR® Association has elected to offer them.

Even if Keynote courses are not yet offered for continuing education credit in your state, we encourage you to experience the courses and put the concepts to work in your business.

You may wish to contact your state’s regulatory commission or department that oversees real estate to ask if you would be allowed to individually submit one or more courses for continuing education credit.

Contract Law for Real Estate Professionals

Instructor: Vern Jarboe

This course brings an understanding of what constitutes a contract, how to write a contract, the critical importance of the contract in the real estate transaction, and what to be aware of in the process. It also explains earnest money, financing, inspections, title and closing, post-closing, and much more.

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Mastering Real Estate Negotiations

Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth

The ability to understand and recognize different negotiating styles and strategies results in successful client interactions and closed transactions. This course introduces students to “DISC Behavior Profiling,” training students how to build trust and connect with others, balance emotion and logic, reduce stress, and ultimately achieve a “Win-Win-Win” negotiation.

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Real Estate Investing Made Clear

Instructor: Tom Lundstedt, CCIM

You’ll laugh and learn as your instructor, Tom Lundstedt, CCIM, enthusiastically leads you through real world, rental property examples. When you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to comfortably “talk the talk” with your investor clients about such items as: cash flow, NOI, depreciation, rate of return, income tax savings and much more. This course will increase your confidence when working with investor clients and open your eyes to many new opportunities.

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Successful Buyer Client Systems

Instructor: Chandra Hall

This course will provide real estate professionals with the proper training, technology, tools and systems to generate more successfully completed closings by educating buyers on the buying process, and by helping buyers negotiate the best terms for a loan and for a purchase. Discover hands-on systems and solutions to improve your productivity and manage the process of working with buyers to generate a higher return on your investment.

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Successful Seller Client Systems

Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth

Working with today’s sellers is a process that begins with a phone call and should end with referrals after a successful close. The steps in the process require systems and skills. This course takes real estate professionals through each step of the process and includes unique strategies, dialogues and skill sets to enhance the professional counseling and services provided to today’s sellers.

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Tax Considerations for Home Owners

Instructor: Chris Bird

This course equips real estate professionals with the fundamental understanding of tax opportunities and obligations related to home ownership. With the information provided, real estate professionals can raise the awareness of their clients regarding key issues requiring the assistance of a qualified expert.

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Beneath the Surface: Understanding the Anatomy of a House

Instructor: Barry Stranz

It is clearly important when working with buyers or sellers to understand the residential structure. This course walks the real estate professional through the “bones” of a home, offering a new perspective and understanding of its structural make up, product options available to build it, and why they are significant.

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Meeting the Needs of Buyers and Sellers

Co-Instructors: Chandra Hall and Jackie Leavenworth

This is a two-part course for real estate professionals that provides crucial information for working with buyers and sellers. Part One, “Positioning Homes to Sell,” examines initial contact with the seller, managing seller expectations, and how to best position homes in a particular market. Part Two, “Buyer Upfront Counseling,” is concerned with how real estate professionals establish relationships with buyers, and how to match buyer expectations with the current market.

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Fair Housing and Beyond

Instructor: Vern Jarboe

Fair Housing laws, beginning with the Fair Housing Act of 1968, were enacted to prohibit discrimination against certain protected classes. Real estate professionals must be familiar with both the theory and practice of Fair Housing when conducting business.

This course covers discrimination and housing, types of violations, advertising rules, ADA, penalties, fair employment practices, fair credit practices. It also explores anti-trust laws, bankruptcy protection, environmental considerations, and data security.

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NAR Code of Ethics and Sales Ethics

Instructor: Vern Jarboe

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