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How to Thrive in a Distressed Market

Chandra Hall shares tips on how to be successful in a distressed property market. Changing economic conditions, tighter finance rules, and credit score declines are going to make transactions more challenging as we move forward.  Find out how you can stay on top of...

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Time Managment for Real Estate

Technology and computers have forced us all to be multi-taskers, but the truth is multi-tasking can make you more distracted and less productive.  Many of of us feel like our life is not in balance because of all the distractions email, text messages, Facebook and...

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Cracking the Credit Score

  Everyone has a credit score that can affect where they work, what kind of car they drive, what they pay for insurance and whether they rent or own real estate. As a real estate professional, it is imperative to know how the credit scoring system works, and how...

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Don’t just renew your license. Renew your business – with Keynote!

Our courses are interesting and practical. You will be watching videos rather than reading through endless text.
Keynote courses were built by a REALTOR® Association for REALTOR® Associations. Our courses are approved for continuing education credit in states where a REALTOR® Association has elected to offer them.
Even if Keynote courses are not yet offered for continuing education credit in your state, we encourage you to experience the courses and put the concepts to work in your business.
You may wish to contact your state’s regulatory commission or department that oversees real estate to ask if you would be allowed to individually submit one or more courses for continuing education credit.