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Pricing Listings to Move Inventory Tip!

Have you had a seller who wanted to overprice their listing? Watch real estate speaker and trainer, Joe Meyer share with you a useful strategy on how to get your listings priced right to sell! Learn how to get your clients to see pricing from a different perspective... read more...

Simple Steps for Five Star Success

There are FIVE simple steps to five star success! The very first step is to develop leadership skills. Watch Dr. Willie Jolley, world-class motivational and inspirational speaker, explain the importance of investing in yourself. Make a commitment to yourself and to... read more...

Lead Conversion System

Do you or your agents often complain about not having enough leads? The reality is there are plenty of leads! The problem arises from a breakdown in the conversion of opportunities that are available to you. Watch Verl Workman, Founder & CEO of Workman Success... read more...

The Games People Play in Real Estate

How do you win in a negotiation? Jackie Leavenworth shares a story about a professor that conducted a negotiation experiment in his class that proves that people will not only negotiate to win, but also negotiate to not lose. Isn’t this the same as playing to... read more...

Don’t just renew your license. Renew your business – with Keynote!

Our courses are interesting and practical. You will be watching videos rather than reading through endless text.
Keynote courses were built by a REALTOR® Association for REALTOR® Associations. Our courses are approved for continuing education credit in states where a REALTOR® Association has elected to offer them.
Even if Keynote courses are not yet offered for continuing education credit in your state, we encourage you to experience the courses and put the concepts to work in your business.
You may wish to contact your state’s regulatory commission or department that oversees real estate to ask if you would be allowed to individually submit one or more courses for continuing education credit.